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(Internals Plural blog, 6.6.11) Center ‘Apartheid,’ Access Controversies Lead to “Indefinite Moratorium” (by Duncan Osborne, Chelsea Now, 6.2.11) Center ‘Apartheid,’ Access Controversies Reignited (by Duncan Osborne, Gay City News, 6.1.11) of Subversion: The Queer A&PI History You Didn’t Learn in School (GAPIMNY, 5.24.11) Pauline Park in Village Voice: LGBT Center ‘Gave the Community the Finger’ (Queers for an Open LGBT Center, 5.23.11) Park Q&A: LGBT Center ‘Gave the Community the Finger’ in ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ Dispute (by Steven Thrasher, Village Voice blog post, 5.12.11) Identity as a Real Korean Adoptee(profile of Pauline Park by Hyeumi Syeong, Yonhap News Agency, 5.11.11) template=3393 Emerging Outwards: LGBTQQ Adoptee Narratives workshop at the 15th anniversary conference of Also-Known-As (NYC, 4.30.11) Language Matter: ‘Transgender’ vs.

‘Transgendered’ (I’m a PFLAG Mom, 4.30.11) Keep that chin up (You Tube video by Nameless Queer, 4.23.11) (mention in video description)

newsid=20458084&BRD=2731&PAG=461&dept_id=574908&rfi More Sniping in the Gay Center’s Battle of Zion (Village Voice, 3.15.11) Envisioning Justice: the Journey of a Transgendered Woman (by Claudia Kassab, the Scepter, Kinsborough Community College, 3.12.11) & LGBT groups to NYPD Commissioner: pull out of anti-gay parade!

(Irish Queers, 3.15.11) One: Ashley Love and Anti-Defamation (Pam’s House Blend, 1.7.11 — comment by Mx Stampax) Visibility Project portrait of Pauline Park (Jan.

lang=en Don’t Forget the Long, Proud History of Transgender Activism (by Jacob Anderson-Minshall, the Advocate, 5.1.17) My Dinner with Pauline (by Kiva Offenholley, kiva Qblog, 4.13.17) https://kivaqblog.tumblr.com/post/159532461244/my-dinner-with-pauline Documentary about activist Pauline Park reveals a personal tale that never strays far from politics (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, 4.2.17) Activists talk Trump’s transgender order (by Isabella Bruni, Queens Chronicle, 3.2.17) 374: “Words” on Artists Exposed with Tym Moss () Letter from New York: After criticism of his absence on NC travel ban, Sen.

Holman documents his LGBT leadership (by Louis Flores, 1.12.17) Femidangdang ‘Feminists Take on Presidency’ event (video) (Pauline Park from to , with Q&A following) (1.14.17) https:// Palestinians: Trump May Not Be Better For Palestine, But He Can’t Be Worse (Joe Catron, Mint Press News, 12.2.16) KRB podcast: Pauline Park https://soundcloud.com/koreanamericanstory-org/krb-podcast-pauline-park BDS: A Striving Initiative for Palestinian Liberation (Arab America, 11.3o.16) Boro’s LGBT community pledges to fight Trump (Christopher Barca, Queens Chronicle, ) Trump Won and Why that Matters (Oz Sultan, The Ish, ) https://theish.us/why-trump-won-and-why-you-should-listen-f185cea28379#.n0yofqkr5 On Cis Actors Playing Trans Characters (by Rafaella Gunz, Slutist.com, 9.27.16) LGBT Issues Animate Queens Senate Primary (by Andy Humm, GCN, 9.1.16) Dream of a World That Does Not Discriminate: LGBT Panel Workshop (by So Young, News M, 8.5.16) 성소수자 차별받지 않는 세상을 꿈꾼다성소수자 지지를 위한 패널 워크숍 View.html?

Y., a mission unfulfilled (by Pauline Park, Washington Blade, 1.7.16) Gay USA: transgender in America: a special Gay USA panel () https://

option=com_content&view=article&id=120:trans-forming-occupy-wall-street&catid=34:feedburner LGBT panelists discuss dual-minority issues as part of Asian Kaleidoscope Month (by Amanda Cohen, Independent Florida Alligator, 11.9.11) to discuss acceptance of LGBT community in Asian culture (by Oriana Paolillo, Independent Florida Alligator, 11.9.11) the Tribe LGBTI symposium (John Jay College, 11.3.11) the Tribe LGBTI symposium (John Jay College, 11.3.11) Piro, Queer Support for Israel & the Pinkwashing Scam (Pretty Queer .com, ) Transgendering the U (by Nic Dunn, Daily Utah Chronicle, ) Advocate calls for ‘transgendering’ higher ed (by Rosemary Winters, Salt Lake Tribune, ) Transgender advocate headlines U.

2011) Pauline Park on Career Talk Live with Haig Chahinian (part 2)

v=n Cqdm E4NXa A Pauline Park on Career Talk Live with Haig Chahinian

Pauline Park in the media & on the web Facing racial backlash, presumed next Council speaker Corey Johnson reportedly assaulted Black man in 2013 (by Louis Flores, Progress Queens, ) Conversion therapy banned in five boroughs the power of Queens Democrats (by Anthony O’Reilly, Queens Chronicle, 12.7.17) Power & Politics: Queens Democrats Examined (12.4.17) (video) https:// Anti Gentrification/videos/1969562543301766/?

hc_ref=ARQrd_Wdj SVkz Un4V5wa C89l U0g8WDc I_b Pwt Cj FRJEOf Z9d OGYkw8F1pe1i_-EBOx A Top 100 Most Famous Transgender People Around the World in 2017 https://

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p=all Triple homicide à New York: la communauté LGBT en alerte (by Alexis Buisson, Tétu, Paris, 2.15.13) Sarah Schulman on Israel/Palestine & the Queer International (In the Flesh interview) Knowhomo: LGBTQ* People You Should Know: Pauline Park (Kate Wheeler, ) Queens Transgender woman files lawsuit against city (by Josey Bartlett, Queens Chronicle, ) Park at Queens Pride House (interviewed by Sandra Choi, 12.6.12) (pt.2) Me and Pauline Park featured in the Visibility Project (Kay Ulanday Barrett, brownroundboi, 7.17.12) Suffrage: Right or Privilege?