Updating a jailbroken phone

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Updating a jailbroken phone

Do not skip this – if you have any problems with the process this is your safety net.

Perhaps you are working with a phone and need to know if it has already been Jailbroken.

When an i Phone has been Jailbroken it will show the icon of Cydia or Installer App in the main screen. From within Cydia search for a free app called SBSettings and install it. Both Jailbreaking and unlocking your i Phone are perfectly legal. S Library of Congress and decided that it was legal under the Fair Use Doctrine – . The main worry is that your warranty with Apple will be void if you have a Jailbroken phone. If you need to return a phone under warranty – simply restore the original settings and they have no way of knowing it has been Jailbroken.

Then open up SBSettings and select hide icons – a menu will open where you select the icons you want to hide. The other main downside which is often mentioned is that a jailbroken phone can easily be infected with viruses and malware.

For most people it is preferable to do both – you must jailbreak first, then unlock.

Unlocking refers to freeing your phone for use on other GSM carriers or mobile providers.

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