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Fleissner recalls a family who moved across state lines to remove their son from a destructive friend network.He didn’t like it at the time, but thanked his parents years later.Everyone talks about peer pressure on teens, but just how bad is it? Parents may lay awake at night worrying about what other kids will force their children to do.

If this sounds like your child, your challenge is to share your point of view without criticizing the friend.

When Wallace asks teens what their parents could do to discourage drinking, the answers were surprisingly simple: Raise your child to have opinions, even if they drive you mad, says Rachel Fleissner, MD, a member of the workgroup on consumer issues for the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

An opinionated child has practice speaking his own mind.

Role-playing and visualization can help kids imagine what they would do to get out of the pressure zone.

"Often, kids find themselves in the moment, doing things they never thought they would do," says Wallace.

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Lay your worries on the table in a matter-of-fact way.