Online dating rituals of the american male episode 3

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But at 30 years-old, this self-proclaimed "queen of first dates" has grown tired of meaningless hookups and is seeking something with more substance.Can Davey find the perfect balance of youthful hotness and grown-up stability to make him change his frivolous ways?When he meets a near-perfect match, he seems reborn, but stumbles when his cautious heart warns him not to be so trusting.Can he let new love into his life, or will the shadow of his failed marriage ruin his chances?Ephraim, a 33 year-old single father, carries the weight of raising his young son and caring for his sick father all on his own.Will this self-proclaimed dork with high-expectations make a move when he encounters a woman who appreciates him for all that he is?Will his rigid guidelines keep love out of reach, or will he bend the rules for the right girl?Davey Wavey, a gay You Tube personality with over 4,000 messages in his dating inbox, has been on hundreds of online dates.

Season 1, Episode 4 CCTV-14HD Travis, a 36-year-old virgin, turns to online dating to find his bride. His future wife must be beautiful, virtuous, love the Lord and appreciate his desire to remain a virgin until marriage.Each episode of this docuseries follows two men as they search for their ideal partner or just a fling.Cameras follow the bachelors -- hopefully they're bachelors -- from the first communication ..a potential match to landing the date, including all of the trials and tribulations that come with digital dating.This lone wolf grew up without the nurturing he craved from his mother, so now he's looking for a sensitive and warm woman who can see beyond his tough-guy exterior.Will Adey find a woman who makes him feel comfortable enough, he's willing to let his guard down?

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When he meets a woman who makes him nervous for the first time in ages, he grapples with relinquishing control.

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