Myfreepaysite dating niall and demi dating tumblr

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Myfreepaysite dating

Well you should have known better than to give your credit card information.

I am a member of, and some of the links are to other sites that may charge for services.

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yeah they make money off of thier banners like everyone else..they are a free site that has tooooonnns of free content and actual working free sites.

just look more closely and use ur brain firstif the site askes for credit card detailes e ven to verify persons age its so obviuse that your going to be ripped of and have to pay for content so use some common sense when visiting certain porn sites .

You should clearly know that if you are asked for credit card information that you are going to accrue some charges one way or another--especially when the rest of the site is accessible without entering any credit card information.

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I haven't gotten any response, they leave no number to contact them because they have the intention of ripping you off.