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Mckinleyville speed dating

He holds MS and Ph D degrees from UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group.

He is also the coordinator of HSU's master's program in Energy Technology and Policy. Schatz provided the funding to create the Schatz Energy Research Center in 1989 and continued to support the lab financially over the years.He had an intense and unwavering enthusiasm for hydrogen and fuel cells. Schatz received an honorary doctorate from Humboldt State University in May 1994 for assisting SERC and other HSU programs. SERC staff left to right: Jerome Carman, Andy Eggink, Yaad Rana, Jason Mc Mack, Kim Thorpe, Jimento Aikhuele, Doug Saucedo, Kevin Fingerman, Peter Alstone (back row); Tom Quetchenbach, Scott Toyama, Greg Chapman, Carolyn Ortenburger, Jeff Mosbacher, Jake Rada, Liza Boyle, Jim Zoellick (3rd row); Meg Harper, Marc Marshall, Allison Hansberry, Dave Carter, Andy Harris, Julie Groff, Kristen Radecsky (2nd row); Charles Chamberlin, Peter Lehman, and Arne Jacobson (front row).Peter Lehman received a BS in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph D in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago.He then served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Berkeley where he conducted research on the aerochemistry of photochemical air pollution.

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Louis and a Ph D and MS in Environmental Engineering from Harvard University.

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