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Jewish dating web site yahoocom

From the Great Square, walk through one of two tunnels under the arches of the Council Tower to arrive at the Little Square.This second fortified square was home to the town's most prestigious master craftsmen, who lived in rows of arcaded houses along the north and east sides.

Huet Square is home to a mix of gothic buildings dominated by the Evangelical Cathedral.

Sibiu (Hermannstadt in German) was the largest and wealthiest of the seven walled citadels* built in the 12th century by German settlers known as Transylvanian Saxons.

The riches amassed by its guilds paid for the construction of both impressive buildings and the fortifications required to protect them.

* The seven walled citadels populated by the Saxons of Transylvania were known in German as the Siebenburgen.

The other Siebenburgen citadels are located in the towns of: Bistrita For hundreds of years, this walled town in the heart of Transylvania was one of the most powerful and prosperous strongholds in Europe.

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The third square, Huet Square, is dominated by the Evangelical Cathedral.

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