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Her eyes were open when our lips touched but they fluttered shut when I pressed firmly against her mouth with mine.My intent was to give her a quick smooch but she must have brushed her lips with gloss because her lips slid over mine gently as she twisted her head slightly. When I pulled back she opened her eyes, smiled wide and gushed “Oh, wow, that was nice” then threw her arm over my chest and drew tight to me, her breasts were flattened against my chest, her body molded against mine.

A month passed and I brushed off the intimate episode in the car as a moment of curiosity for a growing girl.With my hand on her head I held her against my lips for maybe five seconds then let her go.She pulled away, her eyes were sparkling, “I like that.” The ferry was nearing the dock so she moved back to her side of the car contented.My wife assured me that they had already had a series of conversations about boys, sex and caution.She told me our daughter was informed enough to say she would wait until she was married before having sex.

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