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Posted by / 19-Oct-2017 18:06

This realm rules endings and transitions, and you probably won’t be ready for any hardcore New Year’s resolutions until Aquarius season begins after that.

But this year, you’ll experience dueling desires to lounge and to lean in.

Someone might push your buttons and turn that Buddha half-smile into a raging scowl.

A sibling, coworker or neighbor may be the person who triggers you with a snarky or passive-aggressive zinger.

Enlightenment could vaporize a few days later, alas.

On January 14, the Sun in Capricorn and your mindful twelfth house clashes with aggravator Uranus in your communication corner.

Maybe it’s that wicked champagne-and-baked-brie hangover, maybe it’s the moonlight…but you could be the first one to leap on the wellness wagon in 2018.

La luna inspires you to take charge of some integral part of your life and do it better.

But let’s get back to the first full moon, which lands in Cancer and your sixth house of health, organization and systems on January 1.

Or maybe it’s a troll on social media who disrupts your inner peace.

You don’t want to be a passive bystander who watches someone spew hate and does nothing.

Your desire for self-improvement, mapped to a solid system, could yield mega results. The sixth house rules helpful people; where (and to whom) can you delegate? This illuminating full moon can reveal someone on Team Aquarius that you’ve outgrown.

Hard as it is to part ways, if they’ve lost their passion for a project, their stagnant energy will only bring everyone down.

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When you feel like you’re swimming upstream or on the verge of burnout, make yourself stop or ask for help.