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• Have a plan and reason to approach someone • Have more to say than, "Uh, what's your name? " • Overall, appear awesome with the secrets to bets, tricks and scams...

All of a sudden, the stall door opened and a man entered my stall, closing the door behind him.

What she didn't know was that I have been dressing as a girl my whole life and that I would do anything to become a girl for the rest of my life.

When my girlfriend came by my apartment to pick me up for the party, she was blown away by how convincing I looked as a woman.

Tip: When gesturing during the explanation that they cannot remove the bill, give a tugging motion on the bill to plant the idea of pulling it out fast. It helps a lot to throw people of with subtle non verbal cues.

It is like saying that you have to pull the bill without actually saying that.

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  1. With a winning combo of boyish exuberance, laser focus and a wicked jump shot, the relentless competitor suffered a surprising team loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, but the playful family man and all-around good guy is still golden. The Golden State Warriors point guard in May became the NBA's first unanimous MVP in winning the award for a second consecutive season. He passionately prepped for the part, read for the part and repeatedly texted the director to tell him that he wanted the part.